Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving 2013Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful time and I hope you eat a sumptious meal today. In a few hours, our condo will be full with family and friends. This year we are celebrating with four new people. Alejandro’s Godmother and Godbrother, a Godmother’s friend and my former student from Lac La Croix. It’s going to be a full house but that’s what I love.

Here’s the menu for today.

Fiery Feta Fondue – Tirokafteri

Roasted Turkey with Rice Stuffing
Roast Beef
Roasted Oregano Potatoes
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Greek Salad

Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie

Thankfully my Mom’s making the Roasted Oregano Potatoes, Koumbara is bringing the pites and my Sister made the dessert. God bless everyone who is going to contribute to today’s meal. God bless everyone who is going to enjoy today’s meal. I wish I had a bigger place to invite more people. Maybe next year I’ll book the big party room downstairs. Anywho!

The recipes and photos for the Turkey and Roast Beef are coming soon.


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