Skotidakis Feta


 I wanted to share this amazing product made by Skotidakis. This is by far the best Feta I have eaten or used in Canada. The texture is firm and it’s flavour is briny without being too over salty. The combination of cow’s and goat’s milk is perfect for our North American taste palate. I use Skotidakis Feta for cooking at home and I use it in my Empanadas.

The Empanada varieties where you will taste Skotidakis Feta are:

El Greco (Spinach & Feta)
Tres Quesos (Three Cheese)
Mediterraneo (Shrimp & Artichoke)
Savour the flavours today with ordering at Eleni’s Empanadas. Limited time promotional prices and special give away. Order 1 dozen and get 1/2 dozen free. Promotion good until July 22nd. Place your order at

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