My New Toy

Kitchen Aid Food Processor

Not to long ago, my sister brought me back a Kitchen Aid Food Processor to shorten my prep time when I’m making my empanadas. I have to say that this the best small appliance I have used. It chops, slices and shreds like a champ. Last week, I kicked my new toy in high gear. Aside from the pesto I sliced all the vegetables and shredded all the cheese I needed for my Chorizo Empanada filling. My prep time was chopped in half. Not to mention that I saved tons of money shredding my own cheese. Never again am I going to buy shredded cheese in a bag. My Kitchen Aid Food Processor shredded the cheese to perfection. Now I can make my own cheese combination just like Trestelle or the other leading cheese companies make. I want to thank my wonderful sister for bringing the Kitchen Aid Food Processor back from her long trip to sunny Florida. Your the best Efi!

Shredded Marble Cheese

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