Food Processor Magic

About a week ago, I posted about my new toy – the Kitchen Aide Food Processor my sister picked up for one her to trip to Florida. Well, today I am sharing with you the joy I had slicing flank steak for my Lomo Saltado. It was like Food Processor magic. I had partially thawed the flank steak and then separated the steak into 4 even portions. The flank steak at Costco is packed in such a way that it is folded into a nice neat package, mostly for the convenience of storing 2 pieces of flank steak on 1 tray. Brilliant! Anywho, following the instructions in the food processor manual I set out to slice the steak. Within in seconds I had evenly sliced pieces of flank steak which is the secret to a tender and terrific Lomo Saltado. Truly, my Lomo Saltado this time was “the bomb” as my pleased hubby proclaimed as he dug into his plate the other night.


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