The Real Greek Yogurt

Lately every yogurt company is pumping out their own version of “Greek Yogurt” and some are pretty good but nothing measures up to Skotidakis Greek Yogurt. Skotidakis Greek Yogurt reminds of the yogurt back in Veroia; thick, creamy and tart. To please the sensitive palates of the Canadian consumer Skotidakis pairs their authentic yogurt with a variety of sweetening agents. Of course the only place where you can find this variety of Greek Yogurt is at Costco. A few weeks back I decided to do some shopping at my neighbourhood Costco and I was giving a set of coupons as I entered the doors. It took me a few seconds to scan the coupons to be pleasantly surprised that they were offering a case of 12 Skotidakis Greek Yogurt for $7.99. At that price there was no way I was leaving that warehouse without a case of this fantastic product. I was so excited to dig into this yogurt that I sample all three varieties in a matter of minutes. The case has 4 cups of the Classic Honey, Blueberry Pom and Cran Raspberry. My favourite of the three were the Classic Honey and the Blueberry Pom. Aside from the authentic taste of the yogurt what I really like about this product is that the makers have separated the sweetening agents giving me choice on how much of the sweet stuff I want added to my yogurt. Brilliant idea Skotidakis! If you love Greek Yogurt you have to try this Real Greek Yogurt.


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