Jamie Oliver Dips

Every once in a while I come across a new food item that I got excited about. A couple of weeks ago is was my delicious gift of Oaxaca Chocolate courtesy of Mary Luz Mejia. Several months ago it was Skotidakis Jalapeno Yogurt Dip introduced to me by my Mom. My latest find comes from a new line of Jamie Oliver products at Sobey’s. The last time I was supplying in Sutton, Ontario I decided to visit the local Sobey’s Supermarket on the hunt for Jamie Oliver’s assortment of Dips made with Greek Yogurt. On this most auspicious day I was pleasantly surprised to learn that upon purchasing one Jamie Oliver Dip I would receive one package of Satosi Nan Bread. How delightful! I was in supermarket heaven. I love getting freebies. With this great buying incentive I bought not one Jamie Oliver Dip but all three – Italian White Bean Dip, Indian Curry Dahl and Moroccan Hummus. Each dip has its distinct flavour and topped off with a type of relish to compliment each dips main ingredients. The Italian White Bean Dip is complimented with a Sun dried Tomato Relish that gives the buttery flavour of the white beans a nice tang. The Indian Curried Dahl is dressed with a lemon and lime chutney which brings out the spices of the curry and lingers for a while longer on your tongue. I love it! I have never eaten such a unique flavour combination. Since my parents are super amazing I gave them the Moroccan Hummus which was paired with Harisa. The little hit of spice was perfect for my Dad who eats hot chilies like candy. To enjoy my favourite new dips I toasted the Nan Bread and paired my afternoon snack with a small bowl of pimento olives and pickles. Yummm!


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