Oaxaca Salt

Oaxaca Salt

Once in awhile I am pleasantly surprised by the gift of a food item that changes my cooking hence enriching my cooking and eating experience. A couple of months back I had the pleasure of cooking with Mary Luz Mejia and as I was reaching into my bag of ingredients for the Aji de Gallina, Mary stops me and says, “I’ve got something for you.” I was intrigued. After listening to her riveting story about cooking in Oaxaca, Mexico at the Seasons of my Heart Cooking School http://seasonsofmyheart.com , Mary revealed this wondrous bag of salt. Perhaps you may know that salt once was very precious. In ancient times the Moors traded ounces of salt for ounces of gold. When Mary presented me with this bag of salt from Oaxaca, Mexico I knew that a new friendship had emerged. I felt grateful to be given this precious little gift that would season my food and give it flavour that would warm the hearts of my family and friends. Almost everyday I use only 1 tsp of this Oaxaca Salt as to not use it up quickly because I know that I may never get a chance to get my hands of this glorious gift from the Earth. Muchas Gracias mi amiga.


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