The Smoked Sweet Paprika Story

Smoked Mild PaprikaOnce a upon a time there lived a homecook named Eleni in the vibrant city of Toronto who used quality ingredients in her cooking. Some of the ingredients she used where local products and some from far away places that helped to transport her cooking to the next level of yumminess. Often this homecook bought her own food items for the multitude of recipes, however once in a while it would be bestowed upon her exquisite food products from other fellow foodies. One such fateful day back in the midst of the changing of seasons, Eleni was visited by her foodie friend Mary Luz Mejia and her family for a traditional Peruvian dinner. Her guests came barring gifts of delightful ingredients to make any homecook swoon with the prospects of creating delectable dishes. In the giftie bag was a box of pasta from Spain and a tin can of the most fragrant, most flavour spice she had ever laid eyes on. This prized tin contained Smoked Sweet Paprika from El Avion – a smoked sweet paprika from Spain. Several days later, after her guests had returned to their dwelling and everyone went back to their daily lives, Eleni decided to open up this little treasure only to be disappointed at first because it was nearly impossible to get the tin can open. After some contemplation she enlisted the help of Mary Luz to get the tin can open. Surely enough the wise instructions from Mary Luz worked and moments later Eleni uncovered what lay under the tin can lid. As any seasoned cook does, upon receiving a new ingredient Eleni takes a sniff of the ingredient on first inspection. Immediately, she was engulfed by the smoky aroma this vibrant red spice. Upon smelling the smoked sweet paprika, Eleni remembered the way words of Mario, “Only a small amount will do.” and understood Mario’s cautionary words. Since that fateful day, Eleni has been using this special ingredient in almost everything that yields paprika. El Avion Smoked Mild Paprika has made its way into Eleni’s traditional Greek Fakkes, her Black Eye Pea Stew and even incorporated into a spice rub for barbeque Flank Steaks. Every time Eleni uses this ingredient she is always reminded how incredibly grateful she is to have foodie friends who share their love of food with her and introduce to items from around the world to take her cooking from yummy to delicious. Muchas Gracias Mary Luz Mejia once more for this wonderful gift.


4 thoughts on “The Smoked Sweet Paprika Story

    • Hi Nishi! Thanks for the comment. Did you like the story? I thought I would make it sound like a fairy tale. I would love to come to the Mix! Mingle! Network on Wednesday however this is Holy Week for us Greeks and I already have a commitment on that same day. Let me know about the next one.

  1. Hello! I know this was a while ago, but we received one of these tins of paprika in our Try the World Spain box last night. You mention not being able to get it open… how did your friend get it open?! I’m struggling to do so and would very much like to use this spectacular paprika.

    • Hi SBaker, sorry I haven’t replied right away. I suggest getting a really pointy and thin bottle opener. Use it to wedge it between the can and the lid. Once you get it wedged in nicely try to move the bottle opener along the perimeter while tugging the lid up. Eventually you will get a bit of dent in the lid which will help to open it again later. I hope this helps.

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