Lomo Saltado Dinner for Four

The one thing I love most is sharing my food with family and friends. In the past, I had a lot more time and energy to dedicate to entertaining. Now with two small children I find it challenging to have people over for dinner, however when the occasion arises I seize the opportunity to make delicious foodfor my guests. Aside from hosting Thanksgiving Dinner every year and my son’s 3rd birthday extravaganza, I had the pleasure of hosting a traditional Peruvian Dinner for my good friend Mary Luz Mejia and her family several weeks back. The menu was simple and the serving style was familial. To start we had Ceviche con Camarones .

Shrimp Ceviche Cups

Serving ceviche in this adorable little tortilla cups is a great way for your guests to have as much as they want and to enjoy just one bite. Following the Ceviche we sat down to Lomo Saltado Dinner with all the Peruvian fixings; french fries and rice. I like to use Basmati Rice because it is light and airy. To add some flavour to my rice, I like to use Avocado Oil. Avocado Oil is light and has a nutty flavour which enhances the natural flavours of the Basmati Rice. Along side all the meat and starch, I served a refreshing Avocado Salad. And to end the dinner we had Arroz Con Leche.Lomo Saltado Dinnerarroz con lecheThe best part of the evening was sharing stories of our travels, eating experiences around the world and building a new friendship. I use to go to this little Pizzeria in Markham on my lunch breaks from supplying called My Little Pizzeria  because their pizza was the best I ever had. They have a print featuring Italian Proverbs related to food and one in particular I always remember when I’m sharing a meal with others. It goes something like this. “A good friend will always share a table with you.”


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