Mini El Greco Omelet

Yesterday I decided to use my leftover El Greco filling to create a new dish. Mini El Greco Omelet because I didn’t want it to go to waste. These little omelets are super easy to make and you can use anything you want to spice up your egg mixture. Why not chop up some smoked ham and diced tomato? How about crumbled chorizo with sautéed red onions and peppers? Anything is possible you just need your imagination and taste buds to guide the way to a fantastic brunch idea.

Mini Spinach & Feta Omelet8 eggs

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup of chopped spinach

1/2 bunch of green onions. chopped

50 g of crumbled feta

1/2 tsp mint

1/4 tsp smoked mild paprika



1. Chop mix the spinach, green onions and feta in a small mixing bowl. Set aside.

2. In a large measuring cup (4 cup) beat all the eggs and then the milk until combined. Add the salt, pepper, mint and smoke paprika into the egg mixture.

3. Spray a 12 piece muffin tin with cooking spray. Spoon in about 1/2 tbsp of the spinach mixture into the bottom of each portion and  pour on the egg mixture. Make sure not to fill the egg mixture all the way to the top otherwise you will have the egg spilling out of the muffin tin.

4. Bake for 15 minutes in a 350 F preheated oven.

5. To ensure you don’t get any egg spillage, place a baking sheet on the bottom of the muffin tin.


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