Drop of Nature Olive Oil

Drop of Nature Olive OilThe more and more I am embracing social media I am confident that it brings good people together. Not too long ago a gentleman by the name of Manos Maragakis contacted me on LinkedIn to promote his Olive Oil – A Drop of Nature. I’m glad he did because now I have the best olive oil in my pantry and I have been enjoying its fruity flavour and rich texture. Since Saturday I have used this cold pressed olive oil to roast potatoes and to season my Salad Nicoise. I was amazed on how the olive oil held up under cooking. Usually when I roast vegetables in olive oil the oil that is left on the bottom of the pan becomes thick and bitter but not Drop of Nature. The oil that was left in the pan after roasting my potatoes was clear and tasted exactly the same as when I poured it. Perfect! Not to mention the amazing taste the olive oil gave my Salad Nicoise. My husband actually drank the dressing after eating the salad because it was just that good. Thank you Mano! I will be ordering more and making sure everyone tries your Drop of Nature Olive Oil. Drop of Nature Olive Oil 2


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