Kiwicha y Avena

Kiwicha y AvenaIt’s been two days now that my Mother-in-Law has arrived in Toronto and we are getting acquainted through food. This is not a surprise as my favourite way to connect with people is with food. Carmensita brought with her a couple of Peruvian food items as a thank you gift one of which is Kiwicha y Avena. As you may already know, my Spanish is rudimentary and although I knew what Avena was (oatmeal) I was perplexed as to what Kiwicha was. Kiwicha is an ancient grain grown in Peru and has been consumed and harvested for thousands of years. Kiwicha is also known as amaranth which is known to the North American consumer as a pseudo cereal which is high in nutrients and is listed as one of the superfoods. This morning I made us each a bowl of Kiwicha y Avena for breakfast. I topped my bowl with my favourite oatmeal toppings cinnamon, cranberries and walnuts. My Mother-in-Law had hers simply with honey, milk and a pinch of cinnamon. At first I found the texture and taste was a bit odd and thick but as I continued eating my Kiwicha y Avena I grew accustomed to the taste and texture. Next time I make it I will add evaporated milk like mi suegra suggested.

Peruvian Oatmeal


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