Turron – More edible gifts from Peru

Edible gift from Mi SuegraTurronToday is day three of my Mother-In-Laws visit from Peru and today I have discovered another traditional Peruvian food speciality, Turron. Turron is a layer dessert that is eaten more often during the month of October in honour of Senor de los Milagros ( Lord of Miracles). Much like fruitcake it is an acquired taste for some because of its texture and unique flavour. Our Turron came in a nice package from well-known bakery in Peru but of course the package didn’t have the ingredient contents written anywhere in sight. Upon the second time I tried the Turron I was trying to figure out the flavour of the cookie layer and of course neither my husband or Carmensita were of any help so I took to my friend, the internet for the answers. The distinct flavour that you taste on first bite is anise seed which gives it that licorice quality to the dessert. Since the cookie layers are pretty dry you want to make sure to store it properly otherwise it will become very hard to cut and eat. Turron goes very well with a nice cup of hot tea or coffee.


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