Steamed Kale

Kale bunchDespite the slow start to summer this year in Toronto, I am very pleased to share with you that my parent’s home garden is doing well and we are regularly enjoying fresh produce such as this green, crisp and hearty kale. I absolutely love kale for so many different reasons but my number one reason is its meaty texture and robust flavour. Kale is not a wimpy green. Kale packs a lot of bunch both on taste and nutritious. In the past I have experimented with kale. I’ve added it to soups and lentils just to name a couple of uses for my favourite leafy green produce. The other day my Mom was very happy to announce that her kale was ready to be picked. I graciously accepted the massive bunch. Since I was stuck on time last week, I decided to prepare my bunch of kale simply by steaming it and dressing the softened leafy greens with Drop of Nature Olive Oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Hands down the best way to eat kale because the flowery olive oil and zesty lemon allow the natural flavours of the kale to shiny through.Steamed Kale


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