Crazy Spoon Sweets

Crazy SpoonEarlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting another food entrepreneur, Mary Boutsi. Mary, is the owner of Crazy Spoon, a unique food company bringing loved Greek sweets to Toronto. Her spoon sweets and jams bring back memories of eating these tiny spoons of gleko karesi (sweet cherry) in syrup when I was a young girl. The preservation of fruits in Greece has been a long-standing tradition that still persists in our modern times. Going back several centuries ago, preserving fruits and vegetables was a means in which people could enjoy the harvest throughout the hard, cold winter months because of lack of refrigeration and simply due to being accustomed to eating produce in season. In our modern times we both have refrigeration which allows produce to stay fresh longer and due to global importing and exporting we have become accustomed to eating produce all year round regardless of being out-of-season. Although, the making and selling of these traditional Greek fruit preserves has gone slightly out of style, Mary Boutsi has re-acquainted us with the deliciousness of these jewels of sweet goodness. Of the many varieties Mary has in her repertoire of spoon sweets, preserves and jams my family and I had the pleasure of trying the spoon sweets: Lemon, Black Grape and White Grape with Toasted Almonds. All three are delicious. My parents’ favourite was the Lemon Spoon Sweet because of their aging palates and my Dad’s love of everything lemon. The White Grape and Toasted Almond is my favourite those far because I like the combination of the semi-sweet green grape and the nutty crunch of the toasted almond. I’m looking forward to sampling Mary’s other creations such as her Apricot and Sweet Wine Jam.


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