I may not have daughters to pass on some of Greek recipes, but my son Alejandro is curious about how his favourite Greek dish is made. Take a look.

Eleni's Culinary Journey

DSC01258DSC00841Today, since I had a whole day to dedicate my time to making something delicious for my family to enjoy, I decided to make a classic Greek dish – Dolmadakia. Dolmadakia have many names depending on the region they are made in. Some enjoy them as the start to a sumptuous meal. Others enjoy them as a main course. In my family we have enjoyed them both as an appetizer and a main course. You can make them with or without meat and you can substitute ground beef for ground lamb which is common in some other Mediterranean countries. The art of making dolmadakia is time-consuming because each dolma is rolled individually creating delicious little packets of cooked meat and rice flavoured with traditional Greek seasonings. Eat them at room temperature with a shot of ouzo to get the party started or eat them hot out of the pan with…

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