About Eleni

DSC01392Eleni Herrera is a home cook with many years of experience in the kitchen. Her journey in cooking began at a very young age. While most of Eleni’s middle school friends were at the basketball court or at ice skating lessons after school, she was preparing dinner for her family since both parents were busy at work. Growing up in a Greek home, Eleni was always surrounded by a variety of delicious and homemade meals which influence her great sense of taste and nutrition. Now,decades later, she is venturing into new cuisines through her travels and relationships. Her teaching adventures from Japan to Northern Ontario brought her closer to these cultures by immersing herself in cooking and learning about indigenous ingredients that authenticate each dish. Most recently, Eleni has been embracing the cuisine of her husband’s homeland, Peru.

On Eleni’s Culinary Journey Cooking Blog you will come across recipes that come from all four corners of the world but focusing in Greek and Peruvian Cuisine. On the coat tails of Eleni’s Culinary Journey Cooking Blog, Eleni is working on a cookbook in which she will share her cooking stories and favourite recipes from each corner of our marvelous planet. Aside from blogging, Eleni runs a catering company specializing in the Latino classic pastry, Las Empanadas. Eleni was thrilled to apart of two food festivals as a Demo Chef. During the month of August she demonstrated how to make her famous Aji De Gallina Empanadas at the Pan American Food Festival and at the Hot and Spicy Food Festival at the Harbourfront Centre.


12 thoughts on “About Eleni

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  2. I have travelled to many countries and lived in Japan. I live in Toronto, Canada but I love food from all over the world. I really like your Garlic Soup. I will try it soon. I have heard of Slovenia but never travelled there. I would like to set up a challenge but I’m not sure how to do it.

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