Pan American Food Festival – August 9th

Aji De GallinaI am very excited and pleased to announce that on August 9th, 2014, one month from today I will be doing a cooking demonstration at the Pan American Food Festival 2014. On the afternoon of August 9th I will be demonstrating how to make my Aji De Gallina Empanadas to buy homage to my husband’s homeland and to bring the Peruvian flavours to this multi-American food festival. The recipe I will be sharing is near and dear to my heart because it was the first Peruvian dish I tried and loved because it was made for me by my husband on our first date. The exotic flavours of this comforting chicken dish and loving effort of my husband to impress me went straight to my heart. Since then Aji De Gallina has been a staple dish in our family. One day as there was a small portion of Aji De Gallina leftover from our dinner I was wondering what to do with it. It wasn’t quite enough for two servings and I had a few leftover empanada shells laying in the fridge so Rafael suggested I make them into empanadas as they do in Peru. I think that was one of the best ideas my husband gave me because they were delicious and now are on my menu. I look forward to showing how the Aji De Gallina Empanadas are made and for your to sample them after the demonstration. I want to thank Mary Luz Mejia for making it all happen.


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